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Drop Zeke for Al-Mo?



No no no no no! Don’t drop Zeke


I was just joking. My real question is, how worried are folks about Zeke missing time based on these new reports?


I trust Schefter about as far as I can throw him. Which I guess is probably pretty far. But still. I wouldn’t put much stock into it yet.


Even though you’re joking, keep Zeke until you get more substantive information. If the NFL comes out and says he will be suspended for X amount of games, then I would consider trading or dropping him depending on how many games he will be gone. If this is a dynasty/keeper league, don’t drop at all. If he’s suspended and you can trade him for another top RB or WR or 2, then think about it.


It is a dynasty, yes. I could try and trade him now before he gets suspended and I’d get a lot more for him.

I knew there was some risk when I drafted him, so I guess it all comes down to my original question, which is how legit is this “news”.


So the dynasty league changes things a bit, right? At this point what we have is 1 account from probably the most credible NFL news source in the business about a potential suspension for Zeke. On one hand, this situation has been going on for around 2 years now. The charges, as I understand it, were dropped and no other new criminal complaints were filed. That makes me a bit more comfortable with keeping Zeke from a dynasty perspective because this could be a bunch of nothing, which means you could end up losing a potential top 3 pick for the many years based on a hunch.

On the other hand, you’re spot on from a value perspective if you trade him now and he ends being suspended for a great length of time. If you could get some high value assets for him now to save you from worrying in the future, go for it. However, I would wait and see if there’s any more clarity on the situation in the upcoming days and weeks that could provide you a clearer path of where to go. That’s also a risk though.

At the end of the day, if I’m in your position, I would weigh the risks of giving him up for some tangible assets versus the risks in keeping him and being suspended. Based on the dynasty league piece being a part of the equation, I would take the risk of keeping him now and hope he isn’t suspended at all or for long term. If I thought he was going to be suspended for any amount of time, I would look into grabbing his handcuff(s) cheap now and hold until more information is available. However, if someone were to offer a top WR like Jordy or Julio and a mid range RB like Melvin Gordon or something, I would go that route and be worry free.


I’m not worried but I own 0% of Ezekiel Elliott shares