Drop Zuerlein?

Greg the Leg on a BYE and I need a kicker…

What’s my best option?

  • Drop Brandin Cooks
  • Drop Stafford and start Lamar Jackson
  • Drop Latavius Murray (I own Kamara and 6-2, seemingly playoff bound)
  • Wait until Monday and see if I need the points for a W, and then drop Zuerlein for a kicker from the giants or cowboys? Risky, and if I do need to drop him- I probably won’t get him back/

Are you a contender? Can you post rest of roster?

I’m currently in 1st place with a 6-2 record:

QB- Lamar and Stafford
RB- Kamara, Sony, Ekeler, Lat Murray, Singletary, Drake
WR- Evans, Hopkins, Gallup, Cooks,
TE- Engram and Waller
K- Zuerlein

What does your opponent lineup look like

I would drop Singletary instead.

I don’t see you starting cooks and with his concussion seems he’ll be out awhile this time.

I’d go without a kicker for one week if it meant not dropping the clear #1 kicker in the league, and if that meant taking an L, you’re in first… who cares? You’ll have backups for everyone else… but that’s not really that good of advice

If Jackson was playing anybody other than the Pats D, Stafford would be the easy drop… but not starting a kicker and putting Jackson in for Stafford is probably the same thing or worse…

So you realistically have three options:

  • trade Cooks/Engram (or Waller) for a WR upgrade… which is clearly your best option
  • roll without a kicker for one week… even if you’re losing by just enough you’d definitely win by picking up a Monday night kicker… not worth it
  • drop Drake (if you can, since he already played, so maybe two options lol), because he’s a temporary boon and probably isn’t going to crack your roster… I would keep Singletary/Murray/Cooks… they have legit value later in the season value