Droppable Players

Playing in a 10 team 2 QB Standard League and wondering who’d you cut to pick up a 2nd defense or a high upside player?

QB: Rodgers, Cousins, Wilson
RB: Elliot, CMC, A. Jones, J. Adams
WR: Hill, Green, Golladay, Landry, Baldwin
TE: Brate, Graham

I figure Baldwin is the most droppable, but is Brate good enough to roll with ROS? Let someone else deal with the Graham headache?

Graham first, Baldwin second

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I would go jarvis over baldwin but grahem first

Honestly, Baldwin is starting to get the looks and Seattle is trending way up right now. Jarvis is such a difficult name to drop and I don’t think I’d ever get myself to do it, but logistically it makes more sense to drop him over Baldwin imo.

I’d drop Graham first, think Brate will be fine to roll with ROS


For sure

Ok seems like the consensus is Graham. Glad I picked up Brate this week. I liked the potential stack with Baldwin and Wilson but Wilson can’t seem to find him right now. Should’ve had a TD this week but Wilson overthrew it. Landry is just a tough name to drop