Droppable players?

Hey footclan,

Asking for a friend…

What do I do with coleman, sony, lindsay, Anthony miller, kerryon and of course Sutton. I’m assuming its safe to drop sutton…my IR is full anyways.

Standard scoring.

Thanks everyone!

Sooooooo no one has any advice?

Sutton for sure, Miller if you have enough WR depth, Sony can be considered too but maybe hold for 1 week then see how he does although Damien Harris is coming back to make matters worse.

See who is hurting at RB. Someone may be desperate and take Sony off your hands. Pair him up with another player and see if you can upgrade a position while opening up a spot for waivers. I wouldn’t drop Lindsay yet, Miller is droppable and Kerryon depending on your needs. I think Swift takes over at some point.

Thanks for the advice guys!

Much appreciated

Id hold kerryon… The rest can go on the trash heap as long as there are quality waiver wire options