Dropped David Montgomery on his BYE...landmine or tilt?

Dropped DM to pick up Josh Allen today, a move i could only make since they are both on BYEs.

I can’t keep rolling with Rivers, and I didn’t want to risk someone else picking up Allen on waiver day…given Allen’s match-up with Miami next week he’s projected 20.9 pts, easily topping all other QBs on waivers.

And DM was really just wasting space on my roster. I have Saquon, Aaron Jones, Chris Carson, and Jordan Howard.

Did i just tilt too hard, or did I lay a nice landmine?

Could go either way. Most of the time, there is a better drop candidate than a starting RB but if your roster is that good that DM was the worst player then landmine. But, odds are its a tilt and you have a better drop candidate

Tilt. Should’ve dropped Rivers

Okay, I think you’re gonna say Mattison is a better drop, but the #1 team has Dalvin Cook and, out of spite, i cannot drop his handcuff. Desean Jackson also another drop candidate but I’m in a philly league and I know he would get scooped up quickly. it’s possible DM might still be available the day after waivers, in which case i can drop Rivers and pick him back up.

QB: Rivers
RBs: Saquon, Aaron Jones, Chris Carson, Jordan Howard, Mattison
WRs: Thielen, Lockett, McLaurin, Boyd, DJax
TEs: Kelce and Mark Andrews

No Rivers is the best drop, Mattison is a cheeky stash even if you don’t own Cook


Ya should have dropped Rivers. No need to roster 2 QB’s in a 1 QB league, especially when 1 is Rivers. A starting RB (even though not great so far) is more valuable than a QB on your bench.

Rivers was the best drop but as you wanted to beat the waiver wire, I would have dropped DJax myself.

This abdominal injury is worrying how long it’s gone on for, also vs your other WRs you won’t be starting him over them.

I’d line up Rivers as the drop to try and get him back though. A RB getting solid touches is really hard to drop no matter the situation. Worse case take Thielen and Monty (if you get him) and try and get an upgrade at WR or RB - maybe talk to the Hopkins owner… or OBJ as he’s own bye or see what Adams status is, I’m sure his owner is in dire need of wins now. Just ideas.

I figured DJax was locked, but maybe players aren’t locked if they’re ruled out?

What’s done is done tho. I do appreciate the thoughts :+1:

Depends on the platform, sometimes you can drop a locked bench player for a FA. Generally if bye week players don’t lock to waivers come KO time, chances are the bench locked players can be dropped too.

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Turned out to be right lol. Another team picked up DM and started him :poop:- if only i had played that team. I ended up taking an L with the 2nd highest point total…I’m 3-4 now and it huuurts