Dropped Doug Baldwin

I hate waiver wire pick ups… I’m always the last in the order I swear lol. If I don’t get to pick up Doug Baldwin for free cause the dumb wire is making me wait I’ll cry.

I’ve tried to get Faab in this league three years now and no one else wants it :confused:

Some one dropped him. Idk why. Lol they dropped him for ted ginn

pick up Baldwin…WR1 after week 3… WR1 s are are finds on waiver wire

Dude. I’m trying lol I had to put in a waiver wire request :frowning:

well usually by wed that is over

Idk if it’s just cause he’s dropped today or because I made three waiver pick ups already

well dont know the particulars of your leaugue… patience…I have been in some that waivers dont end till fri, and cant to anything except request till then. My new money leagues do not do waivers. we have a pool assigned for free agent pickups…a money pool. You want em you pay.

Normally in most formats waivers are released by, latest Thurs am. Then the FA will show up

Try a trade… best bet if locked up in waiver wire block. All is wanting action

I dropped Baldwin in my league. It’s a 10 man so more shallow. I honestly didn’t even want to draft him given injury concern but now given he has 2 bad knees, I want no part of it. Maybe he comes back week 3, maybe he doesn’t. If I had to bet, its a few weeks he’s gone for and even when he’s playing, given the slight tear in MCL, he can easily just blow it out for rest of the season. If you’re in deeper leagues, go ahead and keep him but in shallow leagues, I’m not dealing with that with how many good guys there are on waivers. I’ll take Quincy/Allison/Godwin.

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I am in 10 as well in main money league. I kept him 4 now and was still able to grab K Cole, D Jackson and Golliday. In a 3 wr set so need the depth.

I doubt he comes back until their bye week.

If Seattle comes back , which I think they will, Baldwin will be clear WR1 there. Worth a stash.

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Also picked him up on Saturday, I have like 6 WR now, should be good to go. Condsidering dropping Enunwa for Cole though. Thoughts?

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I have Baldwin and Edleman stashed and still have playable wrs every week… again in my 10 man…

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K Cole is next superstar…Bortles dependent.

I expect him to be clear WR1 in Jacksonville…as well as a TD maker. I cant say that about Enunwa. I suppose comes down to league… PPR or Standard.

I went rb heavy in almost all my choices this yr. I expected WR position to be deep. It has been.

Golladay, Will Fuller, D Jax, K Cole…etc … my wrs are all WR2s and do better than most WR!s