Dropped DST for Morris, who to drop for DST?

I couldn’t make up my mind on the spot, so I dropped my DST (my 15th pick so I didn’t care)

Now I can’t decide who to drop from my bench… I have faith in all of these guys but a different opinion would be much appreciated!

Droppable options:
Randall Cobb vs CHI [Sun 5:20 pm]
Keelan Cole @NYG [Sun 10:00 am]
Michael Gallup @CAR [Sun 1:25 pm]

Michael Gallup is obviously the lowest ranked on all boards, but I can’t help to think I’ll never get him back if he performs against Carolina.

Oh, and here are some DST’s I have to chose from:

Patriots vs HOU
Bengals @ IND
Titans @ MIA
Broncos vs SEA
Seahawks vs DEN

The Titans D is probably the safest option there. Check and see what time those Defenses play. If a couple of them play late, wait til after the early games get going and see how those guys are doing. Drop one of them after you’ve seen them perform.

I do agree the Titans D is a good play.