Dropped Kittle! TE help needed

I dropped Kittle but Picked up Burton before the games last week.

Here is my Current Roster





AJ Green



Rams Defense


Bench: Leveon Bell, Jordan Howard, Demerius Thomas, Calvin Ridley, Philip Rivers, Corey Davis, Geronimo Allison.

Waiver Wire TE available are: Brate, Vance Mcdonald, Hooper, Ricky Seals.

I dont know if I want to drop anyone on my roster to pick up any of these TE’s for just this week.

Am I better off Just playing without a TE this week and see how it goes? I’m 4-0 in the league.

I really don’t think you shouldve dropped Kiddle since he is good but I would pickup Vance McD since he in playing the Falcons at home with a lot of shootout potential.

No idea why you would drop kittle for Burton. Even before last weeks performance, i had kittle well above burton. I think his value actually maintained/held with Beathard cause they have chem together. College roommates and kittle actually had more targets with Beathard than Jimmy G.

I’d go and grab Vance McDonald for season long. But if you just need it for right now, Brate is another good option. Winston loves him and Howard is oput for a few weeks.

Drop rivers. No you need to roster a TE. Doesn’t make sense to put yourself at a disadvantage.

yup mistake made and lesson learned. Not sure why I got impatient. So Drop rivers out of these guys?

Yeah you don’t need 2 QBs. Goff has the better offense and weapons.