Dropped Nelson Agholor in 10 team league was that ok?

3 weeks and nothing was it an ok decision?

Heres my roster
Standard League
Cam Newton
Phillip Rivers
Saquan Barkley
Leveon Bell
Carlos Hyde
Chris Carson
Latavius Murray
TY Hilton
Allen Robinson
Josh Gordon
Mike Williams
George Kittle
David Njoku
M. Crosby

I’m down on Agholor… he did a lot of his damage out of the slot and Jordan Matthews is primarily a slot receiver so he’s going to lose some of the target share in the offense. While Jeffrey may be dinged up, if he returns, he’ll bump Agholor further down the depth chart, lowering his ceiling and making it really difficult to predict performances. I’d rather have the high upside guys like Gordon and Mike Williams who may or may not break out but if they DO represent the highest upside.

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Ok, well i dont hate the move, but im wonding are you down on Allen Robinson… im starting to hate that i drafted him he is killing me in my standard league, i drafted him hoping he would produce early season ,before the late winter half of the season where the bears will start running the ball more. im thinking of trading him…

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He’s being targeted nearly 10 times a game, and he’s on pace for 90 and 1050… and that’s with him getting acclimated… I’m not panicking on Robinson yet (and I don’t own him… but I may make an effort lol).

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I’m in a holding pattern on robinson. the production isn’t what I was hoping for but the targets are there. If Trubisky can get just a little sharper as the season progresses I think he can produce.


ok cool thanks guys so ill just hold on to him for now…

No I love Allen Robinson just not right now. Robinson is not the problem Trubisky is. He has yet to figure out how to move the ball offense effectively and consistantly. The Bears defense has carried this team thus far. If you traded Robinson now I think it would be a mistake because you would be selling him really low at this point and these 3 games don’t represent his value. He is the number 1 receiver on a solid team and he is really talented. Trubisky has to get his stuff together and hell be fine.

his 60% catch rate is about 8% higher than his career average too - it feels to me like a young offense getting off the ground. Matt Nagy is still an excellent offensive mind.

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yes i understand that robinson is not the problem but i dont see trubisky getting better anytime soon… but i hope he goes off soon…

ok lets just hope for Trubisky to have a better season… well at least for us Robinson guys