Dropping AJ Green to add from FA list

We do not play with a designated TE position. We do 3 WRs and TEs are considered WRs so here is the list as it looks right now of available WRs in order of stats so far to drop AJ Green straight up

Jonnu Smith
Dalton Shultz
Mo-Alie Cox
John Brown
Cole Beasley
Tim Patrick
Mike Gesiki

Who would you rather have on your team rather than AJ Green or would you hold onto him for whatever reason?

Schultz is pretty consistent right now

Honestly Brown has done pretty well so far this year and Bills offense has been rolling. I think I would go Brown > Jonnu Smith > Shultz

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Thanks guys, I drafted Brown and dropped him after that goose egg in week 3. I figured he would be hurt for awhile but it seems he is coming along