Dropping Bench Players Who Have played

I posted this question in the Footballers’ question section of their webpage, but I also want the Footclan’s opinion. On Friday after Burkhead had played, a team on an NFL.com league I manage was able to drop Burkhead and pick up Zay Jones. This Ertz my brain!

I didn’t know this was possible, and I don’t like it. Technically, if Jones doesn’t perform, he could drop Jones during his game to pick someone else up for the next set of games and continue to repeat until his gamble has paid off. I am in leagues on ESPN and SleeperBot, and neither of those allow you to drop a bench player who has played. I checked!

What does the Footclan say? Should teams be able to drop bench players who have played or should bench players be locked to your team once they have played? As an NFL.com commish, how do I lock bench players who have played?

I did hear of some NFL.com leagues that allow people to pay actual money to do ridiculous things like this.

Stupid rule that ruins the game though.

Once you’ve rostered a player in a starting spot and they tank, then it sucks to be you. Make better start/sit decisions.

Hunter Henry got me a goose egg this week and I just have to live with it.