Dropping burton?

We have Oj Howard, David Njoku, and Uzomah on waivers for TEs. I currently have burton and Engram, but really like the upside those 3 guys could bring over Burton who has to stop scoring TDS eventually. What do y’all think??

I like Howard best of the bunch. Beyond him, Njoku and Burton are about the same for me, and Uzomah could enter that group by default, being the main TE left for Cincinnati.

I have Burton, Njoku, and now Engram is coming off of IR. Who do you drop? Has to be Burton right?

I would say burton because he wouldn’t even be in the conversation if he wasn’t getting touchdowns. I picked up Engram last week so I’ve put in to drop Burton for Njoku or Howard. Ill let him be someone else’s problem. I’ll take the floor of 6-7 points every day for a TE over the ceiling of 10 points