Dropping Doug Baldwin for

Do you drop doug baldwin for either Josh Reynolds or Anthony Miller?

I’d rather hold Baldwin. He has upside and if nothing else, he’s a name with trade value

Doubt he has any trade appeal but see first if not I have no problem dropping him for Miller. Reynolds is a wait and see for me

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I can’t blame you dropping him for Miller, but i guess Doug just reported for the first time in 4 months hes woken up without knee pain and feels back to normal. What that could mean? probably nothing, but at least hes not a “risk” anymore. but still, that doesnt change the fact baldwin isnt getting the massive volume or RZ looks he used too. and seattle sticking with that run first offense, unless they are trailing by 2 scores wilson still isnt throwing the ball enough. Im hoping for some boom from doug and kept him as i was able to add miller without having to drop him, but i wouldnt blame you.

i mean i usually try not to have name bias, like if you were just look at the stats, doug would be dropped after a week or 2, but since his name is doug baldwin, and we know what he can do and the trend him and wilson have in the second half, it hurts a little to bit if you had to let him go. Luckily my waiver wire is complete fodder so im able to wait it out.

Some interesting stats for Baldwin’s career:

games/weeks 1-8: 12 TDs (60 games)
games/weeks 9-16: 32 TDs (57 games)

He has also scored 44 TDs in his career, 21 of them in the month of December.

I know this doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to blow up late, but he has before for whatever reasons…

I’d at least keep him on the bench just in case.

Drop Baldwin for either. Baldwin is a name brand but he is worthless this year.