Dropping Guice... Who do I pick up

On the waivers my top options are
Darrel Williams
Deandre Washington
Peyton barber
JD mckissic
Rex Burkhead
And a lot of other ?

I wanna drop Guice cause honestly with all the injuries and legal problems im not really sure he ever sees a NFL field again.

It is a ppr dynasty league. Not hurting too bad for RB but I want to grab the best usable option and these are my handful to choose from. Thanks

Of those players I prefer Deandre Washington and Peyton Barber.

However, I would hold Guice for now. A little over a year ago Tyreek Hill was in a similar situation. I know the two are not comparable on the field, but I would likely hold Guice over these players. Unless there is a relevant roster move/injury. You can drop him next week or before week 1 if need be.

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That’s true. Like I said before he isn’t a starter or anything for me and i have a few decent bench RBs. I do think he’s more talented then that group or RBs but unfortunately i do believe with all the injuries and this legal situation he is more then likely done in the NFL. Possibly he just takes no money eventually just to get on a roster but by then who knows if he ever gets another shot at a starting job.

Odds are one of those guys will be there though at the start of the season. I can give it some time to pan out

I think guice is done. He’s only played 5 games, and running backs are easy to find for teams to fill out a roster

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Personally I would keep him but if you are dead set on getting rid of him I would explore seeing if someone would want to trade for him…none of the people you listed has a realistic avenue to any kind of touches this year and beyond (all would be banking on multiple injuries)

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I’m in the same boat. I’ve got Guice in a Dynasty League. Our settings let him go to an IR spot, since he is not active, so I’ll stash him there for a little while. I think DeAndre Washington is going to be more useful than you think. (as long as you don’t think he’s going to be any good). I could see him getting a lot of snaps for a team that is going to want fresh legs in January and will be in a lot of blowouts…

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