Dropping Henry for James White

Wondering if this a smart move, I got Gurley, Gordon, Conner, DJ, Bell on my roster and haven’t seen much production from Henry. Wondering if I should drop Henry for White

I would actually say no. I would keep Henry for his ceiling based on your roster.

You have Gurley, M Gordon, DJ and Bell on one team? Is this Dynasty or redraft?

If i can find White i’m buying him but he’s owned in every league i’m in.

My reason for saying no, stick with Henry is due to the roster. When are you ever playing Henry or White over the top 3 (top 4 when Bells back) RBs in the league?

I realize DJ is not putting up other worldly numbers… but are you ever going to bench him for either Henry or White?

Adding J Gordon and with Edleman returning from suspension I expect White’s usage to go down.

This is all coming from a person who doesn’t like Henry at all. Just want to give it context. I’m not a Henry truther.

It’s my wife’s side of the family league and every year I end up with the best roster after 5 years I think they would play better but I still end up winning


I vote White over Henry because we’re seeing what White is capable of. Henry is a giant question and I can’t see his ceiling being much higher than White is currently doing. I agree i doubt OP ever uses white or henry, but i’d rather have white over Henry, worst case it becomes a better sell during the season for a WR upgrade.

I have a league like that. About 4 of us try. My goal is to win it this year then find a new league because it’s garbage.

I’ve won this league 4 years in a row and this year they wanted to play for money so people would take it more seriously and this is what happens everytime

Lol I haven’t told you my WR and TE yet but it’s Hopkins, Theilen, Evans, Cooks, Ridley, Gronk and Engram with Watson as my QB

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Yeah, for me even with money if the competition is weak it’s just not worth it. at the end of the day i still have to set a lineup, pay attention to waivers, etc. so for like $100 payout nah i’m out of weak leagues.

James White - 2016:

James White - 2017:

James White - 2018:

I personally have a hard time believing that James White will remain an RB2 all year.

Yeah I understand that to the core, it was a 10 team league, then 2 managers where never setting lineups as well they wouldn’t respond to trades so we kicked them out. So figured an 8 team league would be more competitive with rosters and it’s the same trash result as years prior.

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yeah we kicked like 4 ppl out and now we have 3 people who don’t even set rosters, i’m winning this week because of it. I hate that because people get wins based on injuries and scheduling. Plus on top of it only 3 of us drafted everyone else was on auto draft. I stuck it out because it was a keeper league but man it’s just hot garbage at this point.

what a stacked team hahahha