Dropping K. Cousins for

T. Siemian or C. Wentz?

Leaning the former. Or is Cousins worth another shot against Oakland at home?


Hahaha… I have the exact same situation and have the same two targets on my wire. Between Siemien and Wentz, I think I’d have to go Wentz simply because I envision Denver just steamrolling the Bills with the ground game, not leaving a ton of need for Siemien’s arm. Wentz, OTOH, will be forced to throw since their run game is non-existent.

All that said, however, I think I have to roll Cousins for one more week. He looked a little bit better last week and that was in a game where he wasn’t really asked to throw very often with the Skins holding the lead for a good portion of the day. The Raiders should be able to put a lot of points on the board and force Kirk into passing 40+ times, which SHOULD result in a decent day. I’m still nervous about it, though, and considering move.

Thanks Chris, yeah I share your pain haha

Similar thoughts, I think Kirk has a lot of upside especially this week which is why I’m hesitant, because he is a good QB when the game plan goes his way. Also, with Fat Rob potentially out, I wonder if they’ll run as much as they normally do.

But I don’t wanna get burned again, especially when I have other viable options on the wire.