Dropping Kerryon for Ekeler?

Looking to improve my bench, should I drop Kerryon for Ekeler?

I wouldn’t. Kerryon still has the potential to take over as the starter sometime this season, while Ekeler doesn’t have that ability unless Gordon is injured

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That’s somewhat of a lateral move IMO. Kerryon could take over but the Lions just don’t run the ball. They’ve been top 3 in passing plays (Percentage of plays wise). They’ve run at least 64.6% pass plays. Now obviously they have a new coaching staff, but through three weeks they’re running an almost 70/30 pass to run split. That type of balance limits an RBs workload big time. When you add in that their defense is bad and it will be bad game script for Kerryon, I really start to worry about him. That said the other option is a back up RB, so I would probably keep Kerryon, but I’d be looking to trade him to someone who believes in him.

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I agree, I would add that if your the Gordon owner you may place more value in Ekeler and can see this as an insurance policy. You also get what appears to be a flex play with ekeler as well if your in a pinch. I have Kerryon in a few leagues and I am hoping and praying the Lions will give him a crack at being a 3 down back, bc he could be a legit rb1, but it’s the Lions…

The Lions pass way too much for him to be an RB1. He’ll have to be so good that they change the way they play entirely to make that happen. They also have a terrible defense which lends itself to more passing.

I just realized this is the same thread where I already said all of this but I can’t outright delete this post lol.

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