Dropping Mack for

Full PPR

Dropping Mack and have

Jacobs, Carson , J.Taylor, Sanders, Scott.

Best Available

Snell , Hines, Brown, Kelley, McKinnon

Hines looks like he might just be a receiving back, Brown has value until Akers gets going, Kelly looks like a good handcuff. I would go #1 Hines #2 Brown #3 Kelly, Hines ranked above Brown for the solo reason its full PPR.

Thoughts on Snell ?

Probably be playing Taylor in at least my Flex but don’t mind having both Colts backs either.

I also have Adams, Robinson, Marv Jones and Slayton.

Drop Mack for Robbie Anderson or Parris Campbell or better to get another RB with all the injuries.


Brown, Snell, Hines, Kelley, McKinnon for me in that order. The first two were tough for me to choose between but ultimately I feel like Brown is the better back on this team and I think he’ll hold the job. Snell will be useful short term I just wonder whether or not he’ll be able to steal the job. On the off chance he can then he would be the most valuable but I don’t know how realistic that prospect is. I have Hines above Kelley and McKinnon because I think he could have weekly flex value for the rest of the season and in full PPR could actually have high upside. All things considered Hines may even deserve to be higher on this list in a full PPR, I just have him lower because we know it will be a timeshare.

Thanks. For my squad would you grab the RB over WR when dropping Mack.

Think I will drop Marv Jones for Campbell.

Really not sure who to grab for RB…

Any other thoughts out there ? Thanks