Dropping Pittsburgh's D?

Using KC the next two weeks. I have tried to trade Pitt D but no takers. Want to pick up Boston Scott for the next 2 or so weeks. Is it worth holding Pitt because they play Dallas week 9, Cincy week 10, Jax week 11?

Drop anyone else instead (2 WR, 1 Flex)

QB Murray
RBs Mixon, Carson, J Taylor, Gibson, Henderson, Bernard (In case no Mixon)
WRs AJ Brown, DJ Moore, M Brown, D Parker
TEs Jonnu, Schultz (In case No Jonnu)

I’d rather just play PIT D/ST this week and cut KC. If you don’t want to do that, then cut Gio. I think Boston Scott is a waste of a roster spot though. I have him and I’m trying to get something quick for him before the games this week. He’s worthless even as a Sanders owner in my eyes.

Help with mine?

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I’d hold off on dropping gio just in case Mixon is out. For me, it’s not ideal but I’d cut steelers and stream.

My current d plan is, play chiefs next two, Cardinals in tua second dolphins game week 9 and chargers 10 and 11.

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