Dropping some players

10-team standard, have one 7 in a row…woot!

QB: Big Ben
RB: D. Murray
RB: Kamara
WR: M. Thomas
WR: D. Thomas
WR: Adams
Flex: Mickinnon
TE: Graham/Henry…could pick up clay on waivers
DST: Jacksonville
K: Jake Elliot

K. Benjamin
M. Stafford
M. Lee
J. Doyal (gonna drop him for Henry or Clay)

Geno smith is starting for the NYG, so that means the Giants players need to go. Thinking of dropping Shepard and Benjamin and getting Corey Davis, Zay Jones, Cory Coleman or Goodwin

Thinking drop Darkwa (unless someone thinks the read option will be better with Geno in) and pick up Burkhead, R. Smith or Eckler
Thinking of dropping Morris for

This league does not trade much so I do not think I will get any offers for my drop guys and the are all bench guys atm.

Dropping these players a little premature? Shepard missed 2 weeks with migraines and no Eli. Benjamin could get healthy and take over the WR1 spot before the end of season…maybe idk

Any thoughts or advice is always appreciated.

-Keep Shepard
-Drop M. Lee for Goodwin

  • Drop Morris for Burkhead

Benjamin is a hold for me just to see. Def Drop Doyal for Henry
Darkwa is prob droppable but morris is ahead of him on the drop list. And don’t worry about any RB in DAL right now. they are not playing well.
Eckler is only needed if you OWN melvin. and you don’t so don’t try and play the what if game.

  • After goodwin. Id rank WR you mentioned Coleman,Zay then Davis. If josh gordon is out there. take a flyer on him

hope this helps some


thanks for the advice Frosty11

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