Drops Jags for Cardinals

Jags next 4 weeks:


I know they have a good playoff schedule, but would you rather just stream these next few weeks

I dropped them for Steelers the other day cause they really have not been as productive as i hoped they would be

Yeah I’m torn on the Cards as well. I’ve got them right now, but PIT and WASH are both still available. Only prob is…NO MATTER who is projected to kill it each week, they usually will…UNTIL THEY GET TO MY ROSTER!!! LOL…that’s when all the PROJECTIONS go suddenly and “miraculously” flying out the window. :roll_eyes:

Do you get Return yardage ? If you do I would take Arizona otherwise they’re the middle of the pack for me.

YEP. Our league plays them as D/ST. So…ok…gotcha @dre2354. Thanks buddy for your thoughts. Much appreciation.

Whoops…ok…wait. Forget that last reply. Nope…we just score Return TD’s. Sorry about that. Just realized what I said. :roll_eyes: