Dropy Sony Michel for John Ross, T.J. Hockenson, or Terry McLaurin?

Sony could have a good game against the Dolphins, but I feel like he’s going to be underused this season…do I roll the dice on one of these new guys or cool my jets until after week 2?

if i were you, i’d hold onto sony michel! what’s the rest of your team like?

Pretty solid lineup, just looking at whether or not I can strengthen my flex…although I’ve just learned that Lev Bell is having an MRI and Todd Gurley is Todd Gurley…so, yeah, maybe I should hold onto Sony…I guess I just feel like the Patriots tend to underuse RBs, want to have someone with more consistent production, but I’m also put off by the horrendous week 1 he had.

don’t overreact to week 1. sony won me a championship last year.

That’s what I need to hear! Thank you.

I’m rolling Sony out again this week - glutton for punishment maybe, but the Pats ran a lot of packages designed for White/Burkhead last week but Sony still got the carries, he should carve up the Dolphins.

I’m hanging on to him for another week, now the question is Michel in the Flex or Tyrell Williams? OR Michel in an RB spot, which would force me to bench Gurley (who I haven’t lost confidence yet, but not sure what to expect against the Saints)

Patriot RB’s are always going to be a thorn in the side, but Sony has such a high ceiling because of TD possibility. I would not consider dropping him even if he has another bad week against the lowly Dolphins. RB’s are golden ticket in fantasy football. Also Burkhead will probably be injured soon based upon his history in league.

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Fair point, any thoughts on a strategy for choosing when to play him and when to bench him? TE in fantasy are generally not the key to victory, but if I had gone after George Kittle last year, it might have changed the outcome of a lot of games. Just curious as to whether or not you have a strategy to consider regarding Michel.

Depends on your depth - I have Dalvin and Lev Bell, so Michel is only in the flex option for me right now. So I can be very opportunistic when I use him, but I will roll him out this week in the FLEX b/c this game script lines up nicely for him.