DST Bye Week Philosophy

My usual philosophy is to carry one DST, and during the bye will just drop it and pick up another to stream However, this year I have the Bears, and with the way they’ve performed I’m not dropping them to the waiver wire for their bye (won’t get them back). So I’m debating whether it’s worth it to drop a skill position to pick up a second DST to play for the bye or just leave it empty and take the zero.

I’m 2-2 and up against a powerhouse this week (projected to be outscored by 15-20 points), but you never know and I’d hate to lose a close one having left a zero up there for the DST.

Was thinking of dropping Funchess to pick up a 2nd DST to stream this week. Spent some FAAB to get him last week, and even though I’m thinner at WR, I figured he’s the most droppable with WRs a little easier to come by on the waiver wire and the potential return of Olsen in a few weeks.

Questions are:
(1) Do you think it’s wise to drop Funchess to pick up a 2nd DST for the week, or am I better off just taking the zero & potentially losing the week to keep him?
(2) If you think I’m OK dropping him, which DST is the best stream for this week [best choices out there are Panthers (v. NYG), Ravens (@ Cle), 49ers (v. Ari), or Bengals (v. Mia)]?


QB: Roethlisberger, Goff
RB: Lynch, Howard, D Freeman, Lindsay, Breida, Kerryon, Foreman (IR)
WR: Hopkins, Baldwin, T Boyd, Funchess
TE: TBD (Waiver claims in for Njoku/Seals-Jones/Uzomah in that order)
DST: Bears
K: Bailey


Do you need to roster 2 QBs? I’d rather drop one of those than Funchess. I’d be looking to pick up the Ravens D

I usually don’t carry 2 QBs, but ended up spending some FAAB on Goff since was available and tearing it up. I like Big Ben better for this week vs. Atl, but was trying to plan ahead a bit since Goff’s schedule compliments Big Ben’s well for the upcoming bye week and the dreaded away games. Have a feeling if I drop one of them, I won’t get them back.

You’re probably right about that. For what it’s worth I like Goff more ROS. You should be ok dropping Funchess since you only have to play 2 WRs. Also a good point that WRs are easier to find on the wire. Could possibly even be able to get Funchess back, though I doubt it since I’m assuming he was probably dropped during his bye week last week

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Yeah, put in what I thought were lower $ claims for Goff and Funchess figuring I’d only get one (or none) and then pick up a DST, but somehow ended up getting both (poor planning). WRs like Mike Williams, Keke Coutee, and Dede Westbrook are still out there, so if I can’t pick up Funchess again next week (assuming he’s still worth it) there still should be the opportunity to pick up someone else for better WR depth.

Oh yeah, I like some of those options as well

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Thanks for the feedback!