DST dilemma. Martin for Jags?

Hi clan I’m in an 8 man 0.5PPR league

I’ve been streaming defence all season with moderate success. But into playoffs I want to shore up my options.

The guy with jags wants a rb and I have martin to offer (other RBS McCoy hunt zeke and freeman) him or is that too high a price to pay with other options likely to be there to stream?

All Def on waivers bar KC Seahawks jags ravens eagles chargers Texans lions

Since you are good at running back get the jags defense for Martin in my opinion-they have a great ROY schedule coming up-Can’t tell you how many games I’ve won in my leagues this year by having the jags and Greg the leg-this year has been very weird in terms of star players not putting up big numbers-a great defense like the jags can win ya a championship!! Good luck!!

Ravens have a good ROY as well-