DST help for week 6 please

I have the Bears D, bye week is week 6, I need a streamer, but I need to get them this week before the week 6 streamer rankings come out. Currently TN, NYJ, DAL, GB, and MN are all available. None of the matchups are particularly inviting. DAL may have the best against NYJ but they don’t really produce turnovers as y’all know. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m leaning towards MN but the matchup with PHI doesn’t seem optimal.

Decided to take the Cowboys D vs the Jets week 6. Not the best option but MN and GB went on waivers last night. The Jest seem to be trending down, and the Cowboys have played well recently. You never know but that’s the best option I had at the moment. I’ll keep my eye open for the week 6 waiver options but I had to make a move this week to have a little confidence going into the Bears bye.

Cowboys against jets is likely solid. Another option is just betting against Dolphins and taking Washington. Could backfire though

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