DST help needed to win the ship! MIA, PHI, or DEN?

miami vs cody kessler jax?
philly vs banged up houston?
denver at oakland (carr much better at home)?

Out of those 3 I would pick Miami at home. Jax can’t wait to clock out and go home.

I still have Miami on my roster and am thinking about playing them but I think I’m riding with Cleveland instead.

Browns could be a good play

my opponent picked up cleveland ahead of me. they were going to be my choice too. thanks for the input. my only worry is i also am playing ballage and if miami tanks i don’t know if they are the ship i want to go down with. but i think they are the correct play.

Defense at home numbers are pretty good. If I didn’t have Cleveland I would confidently play Miami.

I’d go for Miami. More turnover potential cuz Kessler is so bad