DST need to pick one

Jaguars vs Houston
Denv vs NYG
NYG vs Den

Pick 1 :laughing:

Denver by a mile

You don’t think the Houston offense is bad enough to chase the defense playing them?

i think both the jags and houston defenses aren’t good enough to get sacks or turnovers. the giants o-line is bottom of the barrell and denver was top 5 in hurries, hurry %, pressures, pressure %, and top 10 in sacks while being 18th in sack %, which means they don’t need to blitz a lot to get to the QB. they were also top half in scoring defense last year too while we all know daniel jones doesn’t like to put the ball in the end zone and with the injuries to kenny g and saquon, that offense isn’t looking too favorable.

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Denver. I love the Broncos first 3 weeks of the season as DST. Denver is a good defense going against a bad offense. Jaguars are a bad defense going against a bad offense. Texans will still be able to score.

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