DST Question, Please Help!

I have the Ravens DST but they just have such a hard schedule coming up and I don’t know if I should drop them and pick up another defense or just ride it out…

Thank you!

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broncos D may be nice but they play the chiefs next week lol. I’d keep the ravens D and stream when they have a tough matchup like this week with PIT

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If I’m not mistaken the Ravens D scored a ton of points last season. They look like a playoff team, too, so they are gonna be fighting all season, and their schedule isn’t impossibly bad. Thus, if you can keep them, I’d just stream another D on their tougher weeks. Of the available ones, I like Denver, Carolina, and Washington the most. Whichever one has the best schedule.

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Grab the charger’s Defense Now!!! They have the easiest schedule going forward.

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If Chargers have an easy schedule then I don’t disagree entirely. They are generally pretty strong on D as it is.

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I would pick up the redskins but they have a BYE this week so I think i can wait on them… I will not be dropping the ravens defense ill make room for another DST.

The chargers play SF without Jimmy G but the Packers play Buf…