DST question weeek 10 / ROS

I have Vikings and Baltimore defenses, should I drop one for the bye and roll with the rest the rest of season?

I was thinking of picking up New England for this week and week 16 playing against Buffalo

Others on waivers now are:

Neither really have a GREAT ROS schedule, but Vikings D has been improving weekly and I would rather stick with them. Baltimore does have great matchups in 12 and 15 but Id rather pick up New England for this week and stash them for Week 16.

Vikings week 15, 16 are good matchups for the playoffs but between now and then it’s not great. Ravens are good week 12 and 15 but i’d drop them for either Bills this week or Packers this week.

Pats are okay this week and also weeks 12, 14 and 16 so you can hold onto one of them or the Vikings for the late season games/playoffs if you wish too but will need to stream multiple weeks and bench them which obviously limits your bench spots for players.

A guy in my league has snapped up the Jets, Patriots and Lions DSTs!
Basically he’s set for the playoffs, with those teams playing v Buffalo a lot!
Damn him.

I have the Bears, but week 11, 14 and 15 look dodgy

Unless you have really long benches holding 3 DSTs wont last and missing out on players is a big gamble from him IMO. I don’t worry too much, a couple of weeks out from those down matchups sure but i’m not rostering three DSTs at this stage! 2 is okay if you are rotating week to week but there aren’t really too many options to do that

Yeah, 3 is too many. I have the Pats and Jets and I am set every week except 11 and 15

While we’re talking DSTs - what are your guys views on the Jags this week and ROS? I grabbed them from their schedule after the bye - Pittsburgh week 11 isn’t great and I’m not sure about the Colts as a good matchup to be honest. But week 12, 14, 15, 16 is almost as good as it gets. Would you roll with them ROS, maybe get a streamer in next week for the Steelers?

With LF back they should be able to control games a bit more and not have BB throw the ball much, so that is a positive.
Hopefully the defence hasn’t completely downed tools, it looked like they were about to go on strike before their bye because of their work being negated by BB!

Yeah that’s my concern too, they’re such a confidence team and getting put in a hole each week from Bortles is causing issues for sure. I wonder too with Fowler out the locker room is a better place, I’m sure I heard reports he was causing issues in the preseason?
Watching Fournette’s practice report like a Hawk this week lol, if he’s in i’ll have more confidence but if he’s out again i’m concerned

Yeah 12, 14, 15,16 looks real good. I think I’ll try pick them up next week maybe, see how they look this week against Indy. I see Indy putting up points on them so hopefully the Jags will be available in most leagues for next week’s waivers.
What you think of Bears ROS?

Yeah i had to get them as too many owners in my league hold name DSTs regardless, i had to trade the Ravens two weeks ago for the Jags - went well lol. I can see Indy scoring too but my roster has too many other guys to drop for a streamer so unless i get a 2 for 1 done i’ll have to play. Can’t drop them, they’ll get scooped up. Hoping for a turnover or 2 and a few sacks this week to keep the score for them acceptable.

Bears - If Mack is back and healthy now and ROS i like every week aside from week 14 Rams and week 15 Packers. More so because the Rams will likely be playing for homefield so will vaporise the Bears much like every other DST they play and the Packers could very well be playing for that division so that means lots of Rodgers. So while i like the Bears and they may not kill you with Mack playing, those two games could cost you. I’d pivot out of them before the playoffs to maybe the Lions, Jags, Broncos etc or even Titans, Redskins if it gets ugly on the wire

Cheers, yeah all those teams you suggest are still there except for Jets so I think I’ll wait a week and see which one I can pick up and fill in for week 14+15

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