DST Stream help!

Carolina, Dolphins, Titans, Redskins, Vikings, Jets and chargers are available on my waivers… who would you pick up?

Bumpy dumpy bump

The skins are legit dude


I had the same choice. I went jets. Dolphins could hurt you but the jets have looked ok plus next week they get the bills.

Went fins only because Jets were taken. It’s one of Vegas’s lowest scoring games of the week. Either D should be ok to use depending on how your league does scoring. Darnold is good for a turnover or two

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I know Fitzmagic is back, but the panthers are hot and Fitzpatrick is also turnover prone. I’d go with Panthers to get that turnover plus side.

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So it seems like Carolina, Skins and Jets/miami are the favorites here… I would rather not touch Miami, the jets are interesting, Carolina could have a good matchup against fitz and I like the redskins but they play Atl, I don’t know how I feel about that