DST this week: NO or JAX?

Obviously NO has been much better than JAX lately and the TB matchup is awesome, but I need upside and I’m starting Godwin this week. Should I start JAX instead of NO this week?

does your league punish for yards and points? your comment on TBay being a nice matchup suggests not. ESPN standard scoring TBay is middle of the pack and utterly destroyed NO week 1
This is actually a big factor in helping people weigh in.

My league’s DST scoring:


Big point boost for shutouts, but otherwise all dependent on scoring. Sacks are where NO has been especially great lately. They have 20 in the last 4 weeks, where JAX has 5.

Thanks for posting it. It is a lot different than ESPN where you start at 10, and lose points for pts against and yrds. Get points for int, fmbl, etc…
Based off your scoring i think NO puts up 3-6 points. (0, -1 pts allowed) and then an INT, and 3-5 sacks)
Sky is the limit for the jags this week. An awful O-line coupled with a mess of on offense.
Play the jags

Great analysis, thanks for the help!