DST Waiver Help

So week 1 I was all about the hype of the Saints dst vs the bucs…we know what happened.

The Bronco’s are available in my league…should I go grab them, or stick it out with the Saints for now?

saints have another matchup that favors them, but now you have to play the guessing game with, are they actually trash or was this just week 1 surprise because they were not thinking about the bucs? so honestly, i have been dropping my saints D. i hold no loyalties to DST. i go with who i think has the best chance. broncos are a good one. i like the bears this week a lot. redskins are a waiver DST im looking at too. im just not willing to roll the dice again on that D until i see that they are good again this year. ill take the safer option, instead of getting -9 points.