DST week 9 why are the Jets ranked so low

So the Jets play MIA this week and have some lower powered O matchups in the next few weeks. Everything I see for week 9 has the Jets D ranked pretty low.

With the matchup against MIA why do you think this is, and would pivoting to Cle or Phi be a better choice?

Because CJ Mosley is out and they traded Leonard Williams

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But MIA is not good on O at all and they are trading off everyone in sight. I picked up the Jets for the MIA matchup as well as
NYG and WA…I think they have Cin too.

Are they really not an option against these Os?

I’m looking at Cl and Ph right now to pick up… but I don’t want to make a panic move

I picked them up also and am going to ride the wave

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I have the Bears and Jets right now. Bears underperformed but the matchup against NYG in week 12 has me holding them. I thought the Jets vs MIA would be a good one, maybe the Jets O is factoring into the rankings…?

I plan to pick up Phi or Cle to see what pans out but not sure who I’ll pick? A backup in Denver sounds like a get right game after the Pat debacle, but all I see is how the Phi D will shut down Chi.?

Honestly at this point I’m committed lol I picked up the jets two weeks ago when they played the patriots in order to not roster 2 defences through my upcoming bye weeks and to make sure I could have them for this stretch… I took a hit that week, and last week against the jags they only put up a few points, so now I’m definitely riding them out lol

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