DST. What to do this week. And playoffs Help?

So I have MIN D who is #2 def in my scoring system.

I also have the Pats D on my bench… As they play NYJ next week and Buffalo in the championship (week16)

I’m 7-3. But there are 2 other teams 7-3… So I’m still in contention for a bye In the playoffs that I’d love to secure.

Do I drop Min or Pats this week for like the
Texans @was
Cardinals vs Oak
Panthers @Det
Steelers @Jax

Or do I just roll with my Min D @Chicago and hope for the best?


If you have already weathered most of your bye weeks, I think you can drop a deep bench player for one of those options.

I’m looking to do something similar as I am wrapping up the first round bye.

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I stashed Denver a couple weeks ago for playoffs.
I have the bears, but they play Rams and Green Bay weeks 14/15.
Broncos get 9ers and browns those weeks. felt it was a safer bet for playoffs. (we do 3 weeks)
if they are avaliable maybe give them a look too

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I’m listening too haha. It seems what ever defense plays Detroit they go off on them?

Also seems panthers ans Steelers have more to play for right?