DThomas or TBoyd this week?

Demayrius @ KC (high scoring, easy D, but Case) or Boyd @ Atl (gimpy AJ and Red Rocket)? Full PPR.

This is a good question. I would stay in the flames with T boyd. atlanta is giving up a ton of points and andy dalton is playing gunslinger right now.

I think its totally possible that Denver tries to keep mahomes off the field by playing the possession/run heavy game.

It worked for the Lions against the pats this past sunday.

Always open to more views, but this is an excellent point. Thank you.

How much upside do you think you need?

In full PPR I would still start Thomas…as Jason says.,.“stick with your studs”. Hes a WR1. Boyd may see tighter coverage if AJ Green is out or limited.

I have the same question.

My only thought is The rams are going to score a lot of points, and someone for Denver has to score.

idk great question.

I need 12-15 from this position

Yeah, I like the high score potential, but I don’t think Thomas and Case really click. And I don’t like Case anyway. I like the veteran aspect, but maybe it’s time for someone who’s more hungry.

Yeah I definitely like Boyd more this week in that case