Dude's getting serious here

…either that or desperate…or both.

He offered a Trade a few days ago: My Gurley, for his DJ and Wentz. I declined.

Now last night he upped it to: My Gurley and O.J. Howard, for his DJ, Wentz and Kelce.

Don’t trust DJ’s production and Wentz has already been hurt again. Of course, Kelce makes it interesting, but…really, really not keen on parting with Gurley. He might be the only thing that gets me to the P/O’s.

Granted, he might not be of any use to me through part of the P/O’s, but hey…LOL…I’ll cross that bridge if it comes to it. Got to get there first.


Thoughts??? :thinking:

No. OJ Howard will do just fine and gurley is worth more than DJ + Kelce.

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Thank you Sir. Pretty much my sentiments exactly. Not to mention that BOTH Wentz and DJ have their BYE coming up in week 9. :slightly_smiling_face:

oh yeah…forgot to add…this guy’s my opponent this week, and currently posting his worst record through the past four years of our league. LOL…reckon that had anything to do with his determination?? :grin:

(ok, just double-checked and he actually ended up going 6-7 the first year. So it’s just been the past two years, not the past four. Just wanting to make sure I’m only spouting FACTS here.)

Deny every trade and destroy him.


Until he offers all his studs, he’s not serious lol

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LOL. Love the thought.

Good point. Which would pretty much be Michael Thomas, Kelce, John Brown and Golden Tate.

DJ + MT + Kelce…counter him with that for Gurley and Howard, and see what he says. Depending on your roster that’s a package that I might take for Gurley

There are very few guarantees in this game. Gurley is one of them. I would never let him go.

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I reckon it’s possible, but as @HonestThief above said…I’m just finding it really, really tough to consider parting ways with Gurley, and have already decided I’m gonna decline. Thinking I might message him and tell him that the only way I would turn loose of Gurley is for all 4 of his players I listed above as well as Phillip Lindsay. (Forgot to mention him in the above post). And I can’t see him even CONSIDERING that!!! :rofl:

Thanks bunches for your feedback tho. Any and all thoughts always help and are definitely appreciated tons!!!

I have Gurley and I’ll never give him up. I’m targeting Bell, who is owned by the last place 1-6 team. I’d give me 40% chance of pulling it off.

EDIT:…and it’s a 4-man keeper league. :slight_smile:

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Exactly my friend. Thanks for your thoughts. It always helps to know that somebody else feels the same as you. Gurley’s like my POT O’ GOLD and I don’t see any other RAINBOWS in the horizon right now. :wink:

IMHO there is nothing serious there. Stick with what you have.

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I think it would take the other player’s whole starting roster to get me to move from Gurley. Just no one else at any position is giving better above-replacement value.

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Thanks buddy. And yep…but…trust me…for this guy to offer 3, including Kelce…LOL…he was getting SERIOUS…DESPERATELY SERIOUS!!!

EXACTLY!!! He would have had to have included M Thomas. AND…that didn’t even happen tonight!!!

So…yeah…I was lucky enough to be able to be in the right position to draft Gurley…and I ain’t about to give him up. Don’t think ANYBODY could offer me a Trade that would convince me!!!

Thanks guys!!!

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