Due to Irma, Ginn or Gillislee week 1? Ppr

Due to Irma, Ginn or Gillislee week 1? Ppr

Ginn for the high upside. We have no idea how NE is going to use Gilly.

I think Gillislee will be the goal line back, and Ginn is going up against the min def. But it is ppr so its a tough one. I’m just worried that the targets for ginn might be misleading with snead out. They have kamara and fleener which I think they will target much more, taking some of the projected targets away from ginn. I’d go with gillislee but I guess go with your gut on this one.

But Sneed IS out this week. Worry about targets when he comes back. Go Ginn.

Thats what makes me hesitate , though. Last year in the only game snead was out fleener went for 109 and 1td. And kamara could be big in the passing game, limiting Ginn’s targets. But Ginn would not be a bad choice to go with at all.

Kamara is not going to be heavily involved. Sneed being out can not hurt Ginn.


You’re right, it definitely won’t hurt him.