Duke, Geronimo or Breida/Col. Mustard

Who do I flex this week? Would be easy to say Breida if he wasnt hurt but of course, not so easy.

Do you guys think Col. Mustard will also be the main guy if Breida finally listens and doesnt play?

Geronimo could be a sneak play, even though Adams will shake Peters and get his Rodgers will have to throw for a lot of yards and 3 or more TDs to beat the Rams so you have to like that and want a piece of the action - his number 2 WR isn’t a bad place to go.

If Breida is out Col. Mustard will be the hotness play for sure, against the Cards he could be 75+ total yards and a score maybe 2 if he gets enough play in the running and passing game. For now it’s Geronimo for me and if you need the safe play i’d go him. If you need the upside though and Bredia is out it could be Mustard’s time to shine