Duke Johnson droppable?

I’ve been watching the carries the past 2 weeks as well as targets. I’m also aware that Hyde started week 1, so is Duke nothing more than a handcuff now? Droppable?

I paid 16 dollars for him last week and I couldn’t believe someone just cut him from their team.

I aaam trying to trade him for a better weapon if not, I might hold on one more week. I seriously can’t imagine that Carlos Hyde just becomes their guy. At this point though, I don’t want anything to do with that backfield.

I wouldn’t consider dropping him unless you only have a few bench spots. Keep him on your bench for now or play him in good matchups

I wouldnt drop him, being from houston and hearing the talking heads from the team, their still trying to figure out how to use him. Once they figure out he should be use(hopefully as a target hog outta the backfield) he should see a bigger share although Hyde has looked good in the 1st two games.

He should have had a TD but Watson overthrew him