Duke Johnson for Tevin coleman?

10 team PPR im gettng offered tevin coleman for duke johnson. Should I accept? I am worried about texans getting another RB to share the load with duke. Coleman will already be sharing with breida.

You just said it yourself. Currently Duke is the lead back barring any trades or new signage’s, whereas Coleman is already solidified in a committee. Even if the Texans sign someone, then you’re trade a committee back for a committee back. Stick with Duke and ride it out.

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I much prefer Coleman to Duke Johnson and I’m a huge Duke fan.

Coleman in the 49er offense has a higher ceiling that Duke with Houston. The Texans O-line is awful!

I got both. Texans signed Jay Ajayi. Swooped him up.

Texans didnt sign Ajayi

He counted with adding john brown to the mix. Im probably gonna trade duke for coleman and brown.