Duke Johnson is the most valuable handcuff ever

Duke is the handcuff to Nick Chubb in a high powered Cleveland offense. He is also the handcuff to Dalvin Cook in Minnesota. And Leonard Fournette in Jacksonville. And Lamar Miller, and Davonte Freeman, and Christian Mccraffrey, and Alvin Kamara. If a “win now” team with weak RB depth has an injury Duke is the starter. Just like Sam Bradford in Philadelphia the Browns will wait for an injury to drive up Dukes price tag and then sell.

It’s possible but I think other rb needy teams will also be looking to see who gets cut. The browns won’t be the only option although they might be the one with best surplus at rb.

This is definitely an interesting perspective, but I don’t think you can assume every single one of those teams would be willing to trade for him if they lost their bell cow. He’s a satellite/3rd down receiving back more than a handcuff.

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Duke is not a handcuff. He’s a satellite back. Don’t think he’ll ever be a lead back that gets 250+ touches. His upside is Cohen. Love duke but that’s a pipe dream. I really hope he does get traded to an RB needy team though.

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Keep dreaming.

Chubb - Hunt
Cook - Mattison
Kamara - Murray
Miller - Foreman
Fournette - Armstead

The only one that might have a shot is CAR but he’s a satellite player, not an every down back. Teams will try their backups they’ve already invested in or free agency before trading for him.

I don’t buy it.

Kareem is out for 8 games. If the Browns pull the trigger on a trade of Duke, they’re awfully thin at RB for the first 8 games of the season.

Dontrelle Hilliard thrust into the lead role if Chubb goes down in week 1 or 2 and Duke is gone? The Browns have done some stupid things in the past, but they would never risk that scenario. And trading Duke means that scenario is one tweaked ankle away.

Plus, there’s Duke’s role. As Mike points out above, he’s the pass-catcher / change-up back. It’s apples to oranges to consider him a handcuff for a lead back. Guys like Duke and Sproles don’t translate to 12-plus carry guys, especially between the tackles, no matter how skilled they are.

OP aged incredibly well, th replies are a cringefest.

digging up old threads and calling it a cringefest 2 months later is pretty lame.


I don’t think the Browns should’ve traded Duke, for the same reasons I used above to predict that they wouldn’t.

No, he wouldn’t be the every down back, but without him, they are Hilliard and a bag of deflated balls.

They got rid of Duke because they wanted him out of the locker room. He was a malcontent.


Lol. Actually the OP’s post didn’t age well at all. The OP said Duke Johnson was the handcuff to every team in the nfl because as soon as a starter got hurt he would be traded there and become the starter. That, of course, was dead wrong: Duke Johnson was traded to a team with a perfectly healthy starter. So OP = completely and totally wrong.

The replies primarily say the same thing: Duke Johnson is a satellite back, and as such isn’t a traditional handcuff at all. They predicted that he would be used mostly in a pass catching role, and would not become a bellcow back even if the starter ahead of him got injured. This, of course, is yet to be seen.

So let me fix your post:

OP aged incredibly poorly, the replies are tbd

Yeah, the guy with reading comprehension who can speak in complete sentences is retarded, the guy who can’t spell “the” is a super genius. Great point bro :roll_eyes:

Let’s review.

You revived an old thread to crash the OP based on poor logic.

Then you start insulting people who bring reasoned disagreements with your view by resorting to name calling that also drags the mentally challenged through the mud.

You’re flirting with being banned, dude.

Don’t feed the troll, guys.

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Nah this is pretty cringey my man. Poor taste to circle back & pound the table on this one. You can’t predict an injury. The OP was trying to make a good point & the comments are completely justified.

This is like saying you knew Andrew Luck would be a bust this season…