Duke johnson trades

Any changes anyone would make? Want to make sure the trade is decently fair too.

.5 ppr

Out: Watkins, Ito
In: Duke Johnson

WRs: Juju, Diggs, Baldwin, Watkins, Enunwa, traquan Smith, Parker

RBs: Michel, Ito, Royce, Lindsay,

i would try to keep watkins over some of the other guys like smith and parker, it would still be a fair trade just try to maximize your value.

Yeah what @marboon said.
Sammy is a hold. Parker is probably going to see negative regression down the stretch

BTW guys what would you say about Ekeler for Crowell straight up.
Ekeler is going to the MG owner.

ekeler for crowell isn’t terrible but you should use the leverage of gordons hamstring injury a few weeks ago, earlier in the year i traded lindsay to the freeman owner for ekeler so i could handcuff gordon, i bet the gordon owner doesn’t want to risk that down the stretch gordon gets hurt. try to trade for a guy on bye maybe or someone with a little more consistency than crowell. handcuffs have more value as the season goes on in my opinion.

Miller would be the next guy above crowell and i don’t see that trade happening.
could float it by and see. you never know