Duke Johnson Value dynasty

12 team .5ppr I have Duke Johnson and was offered a 2020 2nd round pick for him. I’m considering taking it but I’m not sure if that’s enough for Duke. Thoughts ?

If you are contending and see him as an essential piece, then keep him. If you’re rebuilding, take the pick. Duke is not going to be a bell cow and it appears as though a Clowney trade may include an RB coming in. .5 PPR vs. full PPR takes his value down a bit. If you’re comfortable with your other RB’s being at the same level or better and you see the pick as 2.01-2.07 potentially, do the deal. I don’t think Duke has the typical upside you’d see in this situation. Of course, I hope I’m wrong since I have him too and I’m a Texans fan.