Duke Johnson

Let’s put it this way guys week one his 3 fantasy points sucked a Johnson week 1. All be it I think he got 5 targets only 1 catch

With Tyrod at the helm, the addition of Hyde Landry and Chubb. Is duke Johnson going to be even a flex play at all this year.

I’m considering dropping him for any of the following:

Yeldon. Onunwa, Lindsay, Allison .

Nobody on any podcasts or any articles spoke about duke at all during pre season, and didn’t shed any light on his week 1 disappointment.

Thoughts anyone !?

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Bump. Please help!!

im in the same boat, luckily I have him benched right now. I don’t think you can drop him yet… im going to give him another week to two weeks for the offense to gel and see where it goes.

i’m also in the same boat. I have Fournette, so I am targeting Yeldon. I would need to drop Tarik Cohen, Duke Johnson, or Buck Allen. No idea what to do

If it’s a PPR league, I’d be inclined to hang onto Duke and chill for another week. If it’s a standard league, I’d put in a claim for Lindsey, dropping Duke.

Buck Allen.

Thanks everyone for the replies . It’s half ppr. Your right it was one week in a dumpster fire. Let’s give duke another chance! He did have six targets .

Thanks for the advice

I’d drop buck allen