Dumb Kicker Question (#BanKickers)

I hate Kickers with a passion. That being said, I have Lutz coming off BYE and had picked up Koo to replace him this past Sunday and he gave me 20.

With ATL’s offense likely better than NO’s, and having to be used more often being that their D is so bad, would you keep Koo over Lutz? Or trust Lutz and the NO offense coming off the BYE to get it going with MT13 back and everything?

I would stick with Koo going forward. Koo has averaged 11 pts/week (week 3 he got hurt) and is basically a RB2 (love that analysis). He’s probably the #boomboomkickeroftheweek against Detroit.

The case for Lutz is he’s past his bye.

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Love this post, kickers suck. So I would just roll with Lutz, Koo is great but he’s off his bye. As long as we’re on the subject, I have Gostkowski and it’s kinda frustrating, he’s off his bye so do I keep rolling him out with that offense or do I look to Boswell, Bullock, McManus, Badgley, or Succop?

i mean i dont know how you dont look elsewhere, i think gostkowski could turn it around, but at a position like K why wait to turn things around when you could potentially play the matchups. of those, i like Boswell and McManus, Badgley could be decent too. I think PIT’s offense is the best of those though.