Dumb play?

It really doesn’t sound too bad honestly… thinking about starting Kelce, Robinson, and Hardman this week with Adams injury and Juju skptical

What are your other options at WR? I hate to start more than 2 players on the same team. Let alone the same position.

John Brown and Antonio Brown. I mean it sounds dumb but it’s the Chiefs… against the Colts. And it’s only one week WITH Hill and maybe Watkins out. I just think there will be volume. They all had 7+ targets last game

I’m okay with Kelce obviously and Robinson… just wondering if Hardman is a good start after last week. I’m benching him this week but John Brown has a tough match up. So it’s really a toss up.

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Absolutely no problem with starting 2 players on the same team when it’s a great offense! That said if Hill is back then Hardman is a scary play.

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I think I will play Hardman Robinson and Kelce.