Dumping Conner for What? Fill in the Blank

I own Conner but not Bell in a couple leagues and I’m assuming Conner will not be startable as long as Bell is healthy after Bell returns. I’d like to get a season-long starter for Conner in a package. Suppose:

I (the Conner owner) give: Conner, Big Ben, and _________________ (RB) and receive CMC. What fill in the blank RB makes it worth it to give up CMC if you don’t own Bell, your QB is someone like M.Stafford/ Alex Smith and you have a losing record with a need to win in the short term?

I wouldn’t want Big Ben at all if I was that team. I wouldn’t do anything w a QB like that - Stafford and Smith are perfectly fine by comparison. It would be my WR’s and RB’s hurting presumably right?

I say that bc I think the blank is gonna be more than you’re willing to give up or should be giving up.

If i saw that offer, I would accept if it’s DJ, Ingram, possibly D Freeman (only after this Sunday if he plays well and uninjured)

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I mean that’s not even true - my last comment, that is. CMC is the best player in the league in PPR. I would need two RB1’s in exchange at a minimum to consider it. Otherwise, I am definitely downgrading my team.

If I got Lynch/DJ, for instance, I’d prob take it. Or like J Howard/D Freeman, possibly.

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Kamara begs to differ :stuck_out_tongue: (CMC best ppr player)

Lol true true. Second best we’ll say. Top 5 at least! ROS top 5 too.

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@Hazel11 I am curious to know what you would offer here though beacuse I’m in this scenario to some extent, although I fixed it I hope (if Freeman plays and plays well this week especially).

But before, I had M Thomas and wanted to replace him with an RB1/WR1 combo. Or possibly a WR1+ 2 RB 2’s.

This happens to be a 12 T standard league

I was thinking that the CMC owner would give up CMC season-long in exchange for 2 games of starting Conner + _______ (RB) season-long+ a seasonon-long QB upgrade from a streamable QB to an above league average QB with upside in Big Ben.

I’m in 12 T PPR so similar but yeah, makes CMC less valuable than I was thinking before.

I was hoping a young or somewhat risky RB with upside might get the deal done. Maybe like A. Jones/ Kerryon/ Brieda/ D. Freeman/ AP? I don’t think I would be willing to do Ingram / S. Michel

Really? What are your other RB’s?

For CMC I basically would need two 1-tier position players, or maybe a 1 + strong 2 + Conner, in return. Bc I would view Conner exactly like you do. Just a point scorer for 2 weeks.

I think you really should offer Conner to the Bell owner, or else just use him yourself frankly. Maybe I’m wrong, but I dont know that anyone will give you the value he provides to you as things are even with Bell returning. I think you’re gonna hurt your team basically unless it’s two the Bell owner, or unless the other team is not smart…in which case this hypothetical is meaningless an you should just offer garbage haha.

I don’t have a particular roster in mind. I have 3 teams in a similar situation. They generally have roughly average/above average RB depth. Say 6 RB’s in Gordon, Howard, Kerryon, J. Williams, A. Jones, and one of Brieda/Carson/Morris

Gotcha. Well, I think Howard+Kerryon/Breida/Jones+Conner is probably the only thing I’d really consider from those options.

That’s assuming you don’t want to part with Gordon. Which I def don’t think you should.

And I mean “consider” from the viewpoint of accepting the trade.

Well if the team trading for two weeks of Conner has a losing record, they may view Conner as a way to get back in playoff contention within 2 weeks. They should be willing to take some calculated risks.

Gordon?! No, Gordon is definitely not in the fill in the blank RB spot!

I agree. I think you could offer any 2 of:
Howard,Kerryon, Breida, Jones,Carson

And I probably would accept at some point before you got to the best combo (Kerryon+Howard) - if I am truly desperate. at 1-3 I’m not feeling too desperate though, about my RB’s at least, if I already own CMC.

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