Dumpster Fire Team Trade Help

I took over a roster in a league that had to kick out one of their members. The guy left mid draft and due to auto drafting the roster was stuck with 4 qbs and 3 dst. There is however some quality guys on it. I traded Melvin Gordon and Cooper Kupp for miles sanders, Adrian Peterson, Matt Breida, and DeDe Westbrook. Im still very short on RBs and WRs (roster settings: QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, FLX, DST, 7BN, IR) 12 Team. 1/2point ppr. 4pt TDs.

Current Roster: Mahommes, Marlon Mack, Matt Breida, JuJu, Tyrell Williams, DeDe, Kittle, Chris Conley, Drew Brees, Big Ben, Adrian Peterson, Jordan Reed, and Miles sanders

Who would you be willing to trade for Mahommes or Kittle? Waivers are a wasteland so it all has to come from trading.

Here are my moves. Trade Mahomes away, trade Kittle away, drop Reed.

I’d target a WR 2 with Mahomes, I’d target OJ Howard and a lowend WR or RB 2 with Kittle. It’s not a terrible roster at all, but depth is missing, esepcially at WR.


Thanks I like the advice. What do you think about Kittle for Hunter Henry, Calvin Ridley, and Justin Jackson?

I’m not the biggest fan of Calvin Ridley just for personal preference so I may not be the best to give advice on this one. I think he’s too much of a boom/bust player - a (very) poor man’s Tyreek Hill. But you also have Juju who should provide the consistent performances to steady the wavering ship Ridley would provide - so it’s not terrible. I’d look for someone more like Godwin or Robert Woods.

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Yea at first thought i was thinking Cooks, but his tight end is Austin Hooper…he also has Godwin. The guy with woods has Kelce

I would rather have the stud at TE to have an advantage in at least 1 position. My preference would be to trade away Mahommes for some WR help. Big Ben and Brees can keep your head above water.

Auto-draft that selects 4QBs and multiple DST is just atrocious. Wish you the best.

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Im only assuming that had something to do with autodraft. I dont know on what planet someone would purposefully draft that way. The leauge is pretty good so I know he was decent enough to not make those picks i wasnt there for the draft though.