Dv Adams dynasty trade

12 teams ppr
1 qb league
was offered the folowing 2 trades:
D. Adams + Mel Brown + D.T. (so basically just D Adams).
for my
1.03 + 2x 2020 1st

another option is to add:
Sony Michell for
1.11 + 2020 1st

so overall : sony + dv adams + spare parts
for 1.03 + 1.11 + 3x2020 1st

what say you mighty footclan ?

What do those 2020s project out to be? If these will be late 2020s then yes, but if they are early there is a chance that there is someone better than Sony next year early and the 1.03 could be D Adams if opportunity is right. I don’t believe that D Adams is anything beyond Rodgers’ number 1. Without him he wouldn’t be a WR1.

That is a lot for D. Adams. I do think he is worth it, but that is paying for his potential. Green Bay could cut him after this year for not a terrible dead cap hit, but I don’t see them doing that and with Rodgers and him together for I would assume 3 more years then this isn’t the worst deal I have seen.

Sony is probably a good buy too. The drop off in this draft is pretty quick. NE hasn’t had the same running back be great in back to back years, but with Tom getting older they may lean on Sony more.