Dyansty Trade 1qb 12 team Half PPR

1.05 or Jonnu Smith, Robby Anderson, 2.10

I have Mark Andrews and three different stashes Ian Thomas, Kahale Warring, and Josh Oliver.

For picks I have the 1.02 (Harris/ENT), 1.06((WR thinking Waddle), 2.02(Feilds if TLAW is picked), 2.10

Is the trade fair or what would need to be done to get the 1.05. Guy that I would be trading with has very little depth at wr and needs a TE very bad.

I’d keep 1.05
He wants pitts

Get Pitts screw it haha i have 1.05 and 1.06 I’m taking pitts at 1.06 to screw the 1.09 over xD I already got Darren Waller and Fant but I’ll take pitts and make him pay an arm and a leg for my tight end :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I don’t really like your tight end stashes personally, so I’d keep it and take Pitts and keep him honestly trade him one of your stashes for a 3rd